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    Copperform® Regular Ground Rods






    Lbs. per

    100 Pcs.





    EB58 1/2"x5' 296    
    EB58-13 1/2"x5' 296   T
    EB68 1/2"x6' 310    
    EB88 1/2"x8' 482    
    EB88* 1/2"x8' 553 X  
    EB108 1/2"x10' 605    
    EB108* 1/2"x10' 740 X  
    EB610 5/8"x6' 510    
    EB610-13 5/8"x6' 510  
    EB810 5/8"x8' 680 X  
    EB810-13 5/8"x8' 680 X E/T
    EB1010 5/8"x10' 844 X  
    EB1010-13 5/8"x10' 844 X  
    EB812 3/4"x8' 1,004 X  
    EB1012 3/4"x10' 1,240 X  
    EB1016 1"x10' 2,204 X  

    Copperform® Ground Rods have a pure electrolytic copper jacket molecularly bonded to a high strength carbon steel core.













*Denotes Star Rod-full 1/2" diameter.



    Copperform® Sectional Ground Rods


      Catalog Number Nominal Size Lbs. per 100 Pcs. UL® Listed RUS Accepted
      S88 1/2"x8' 482    
      S88* 1/2"x8' 553 X  
      S108* 1/2"x10' 740 X  
      S610 5/8"x6' 510    
      S810 5/8"x8' 680 X  
      S810-13 5/8"x8' 680 X E
      S1010 5/8"x10' 844 X
      S1010-13 5/8"x10' 844 X T
      S812 3/4"x8' 1,004 X  
      S1012 3/4"x10' 1,244 X  
      S1016 1"x10' 2,204 X  



Copperform® Ground Rods have cold rolled threads with continuous unbroken grain flows which are stronger than cut threads and assure continuous conductivity and protection of the steel core.







*Denotes Star Rod-full 1/2" diameter.


Galvanized Steel Ground Rods


Catalog Number

Nominal Size Lbs. per 100 Pcs. RUS Accepted
G125 1/2"x5' 344 T
G126 1/2"x6' 374  
G128 1/2"x8' 480

G586 5/8"x6' 546  
G588 5/8"x8' 763 E/T
G5810 5/8"x10' 966  
G348 3/4"x8' 1,092 E
G3410 3/4"x10' 1,388  
G110 1"x10' 2,716  


Zinc coated exteriors are hot dip galvanized for solid protection in accordance with ASTM Specification A153-80.









Solid Stainless Steel Ground Rods-Type 304



      Catalog Number

      Nominal Size Lbs. per 100 Pcs.
      SS588 5/8"x8' 753
      SS5810 5/8"x10' 941
      SS3410 3/4"x10' 1,262
Please contact us for details on stainless steel clad ground rods & accessories.





Custom Manufactured Boggswelded® Pigtail Ground Rods

The Boggswelded® Pigtail Ground Rod is the best connection in the industry. Our Pigtail is electrowelded (not brazed) in an inert atmosphere using Silicon Bronze alloy filler wire to create a molecular bond between the copper wire and the ground rod. Welding without an inert atmosphere produces a cuprous/ferrous alloy. Both brittle and easily broken this leads to premature weld failures. Factory welding in ideal manufacturing conditions assures that our 50 plus year reputation for quality pigtails remains unchanged.

A superior, corrosion free electrical connection with no clamp to loosen over time, it is "RUS Accepted". Easier to install in the field, it requires little or no excavation as opposed to the mechanical clamp or exothermic weld. Factory welded 7 inches from the top on the side of the rod, it is easier and safer to drive than an exothermic weld.

Contact us for custom wire length or gauge on any size or type of rod @ 1-800-444-BOGGS!


Stock Items with Four Foot Pigtail of #6 AWG Copper Wire

      Catalog Number

      Nominal Size Lbs. per 100 Pcs. RUS Accepted
      EBPT810-13 5/8"x8' 700 E
      PTG588 5/8"x8' 800 E
      PTG348 3/4"x8' 1,150 E


Copperform® Boggswelded® Pigtail Ground Rods

Galvanized Boggswelded® Pigtail Ground Rods







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